Wood is one of the earliest canvases known to man. Fluid lines from etching and burning complimented natural grain provided creativity without compromise. At Bosky we want to maintain that tradition that spans millennia with artists who span the globe. Select from any of our featured frames from these talented artists and you know you’re wearing an original. 

Date of Birth: 1/1/84
Nationality: French
Sunglasses: Marsh
Favorite Artistic Medium: Pretty much anything you can draw on!
Describe Your Style: Fluid, geometric and fun.
Achievements: Having people tell me they like my designs?
Hobbies: Rolling, capoeira, painting, light-painting and beer.

Tim Marsh
Light Painter
Paris, France
Date of Birth: 10/24/88
Nationality: Italian
Sunglasses: Zilla
Favorite Artists: Andy Warhol and Italian street artist, Blu
Describe Your Style: I can’t fully define street artist but I hope to become one. I like to paint on walls and show my art to everybody, using characters and shapes that I invent.
Achievements: I had the great opportunity of working with Mattia Lullini, a great italian street artist.
Hobbies: Skiing, downhill biking, and rock climbing.

Matteo Zilla
Street Artist
Lecco, Italy
Date of Birth: 11/11/90
Nationality: Filipino
Sunglasses: Maniquiz
Favorite Artistic Medium: Digital
Describe Your Style: I'd like to think I'm a controlled maximalist.
Achievements: I won at the adobo Design Awards 2013 and 2014. I was also part of Ubies' Asian Creatives: 150 Emerging Talents in Art, Design, Illustration and Photography.
Hobbies: I like watching movies, reading, shopping, travelling (if I can).

Raxenne Maniquiz
Digital Media Artist
Bulacan, Philippines
Date of Birth: 7/2/1987
Nationality: Japanese
Sunglasses: Ueda
Favorite Artist: Salvador Dali
Describe Your Style: Somewhere between chaos and clarity.
Achievements: Founder of Stubborn Sideburn art studio
Hobbies: Cooking, exploring and enjoying life.

Junichi Tsuneoka
Abstract Illustrator
Seattle, U.S.A.
Date of Birth: 2/17/1990
Nationality: British
Sunglasses: Kelly Anna
Favorite Artistic Medium: My favourite medium is every medium that allows me to pattern bomb.
Describe Your Style: Sharp, Graphic styles mixed with loose free mark making.
Achievements:Beyonce wearing my prints is always a winner.
Hobbies: Cycling, Drawing, Awkward theatre plays, Banter, Olives.

Kelly Anna
Fashion Designer
London, UK
Date of Birth: 11/10/80
Nationality: Brazilian
Sunglasses: Rentz
Favorite Artistic Medium: Pencil, Paper and Digital
Describe Your Style: I love lines, movement, types, organic forms, colors and a certain element of creepiness, but the most truthful answer is that I have yet to find my style.
Achievements: Being a scoring goalkeeper, but my friends deny this fact.
Hobbies: Reading comic books, watching movies, playing soccer, building toys and having fun with my son.

Graphic Designer
Sāo Paulo, Brazil
Date of Birth: 10/24/85
Nationality: Chilean
Sunglasses: Jorge de la Paz
Favorite Artist: Steven Harrington
Describe Your Style: Diverse and playful.
Achievements: Selected as an illustrator in Santiago in 100 Words, Artist selected in Light Grey Art Lab "Dream Arcade", Partner and founder of Coraje Estudio, Guest artist in Sailor Moon Fanart/ Saint Seiya Chile/ ExpoMonitos 80.
Hobbies: Cycling, cooking and travel.

Jorge De La Paz
Santiago, Chile

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