Whether you are on a hike, hitting the slopes, or hanging loose – we know you come to play. Bosky is with you every step of the way, offering stylish, form-fitting eyewear that doesn’t compromise on performance. Here’s looking to all the athletes around the globe who sport and support Bosky. Will you be next?

Date of Birth: 11/16/84
Nationality: Italian
Goggles: Timber
Favorite Place to Ride: Mont Blanc and near my hometown in the Apennine Mountains
Describe Your Style: I’m morbid in backcountry sports, everything that makes me feel free!
Goals and Plans: Free Ride World Qualifier. I also want to explore new countries where I can climb and descend steep walls. On Nov. 5th, I'm starting an Antarctic Expedition.
Hobbies: Crossfit, Ultratrail running

Mattia Zambroni
Steep Skier
Corniglio, Italy
Date of Birth: 12/18/1990
Nationality: French
Goggles: Timber
Favorite Place to Ride: Chamonix Mont-Blanc
Describe Your Style: Freeride
Goals and Plans: Continue in Freeride World Qualifiers to be on the top 2 and continue onto the Freeride World Tour.
Hobbies: Climbing, Trampoline.

Chris Charlet
Freeride Snowboarder
Chamonix, France
Mariann Saether
Voss, Norway
Date of Birth: 8/19/85
Nationality: Italian
Goggles: Snow Drift
Favorite Place to Ride: Courmayeur – Chamonix Mont Blanc
Describe Your Style: Aggressive, powerful fast. I love big mountain and steep-skiing.
Goals and Plans: I'll be spending the winter season in Courmayeur Mont Blanc with the aim of improving my steep skiing and mountaineering skills.
Hobbies: Freeride and downhill mountain biking, trail running, and playing guitar in a hardcore band called HEKLA.

Francesco Salamone
Big-Mountain Skier
Morbegno, Italy
Date of Birth: 8/3/82
Nationality: French
Goggles: Timber
Favorite Place to Ride: La Plagne (French Alps) Backcountry
Describe Your Style: I’m an in-line skater on skis.
Goals and Plans: To ride with my buddies, and make cool videos.
Hobbies: Ski, in-line skating, and making videos.

Hugues Rousseau
Backcountry Skier
Paris, France
Date of Birth: 7/13/91
Nationality: Italian
Sunglasses: Taos
Favorite Place to Ride: Surfing: Manly Beach, Sydney. Snowboarding and Free Ride: Engadin and the Dolomites.
Describe Your Style: After finishing an adventure I'm already planning a new one. The water is my element. Whether it’s in the lake, powdered or in the ocean, it’s just part of who I am.
Goals and Plans: Ride a tube. Live as much as possible outdoors and in contact with nature. Be active until my last breath.
Hobbies: Climbing, gymnastics and fitness

Clarissa David
Surfer and Skier
Lecco, Italy
Date of Birth: 5/3/85
Nationality: Italian
Goggles: Timber
Favorite Place to Ride: Monterosa and Mont Blanc area
Describe Your Style: Dynamic, powerful and fast.
Goals and Plans: Mountains make me feel like home. I’d like to improve my skiing and mountaineering skills to take on new exciting adventures in the mountains.
Hobbies: Climbing, hiking and mountaineering

Ilaria Sonatore
Freeskier and Ski Instructor
Aosta, Italy
Date of Birth: 2/27/97
Nationality: American
Goggles: Night Ride
Favorite Place to Ride: Big Boulder in Pennsylvania or Copper Mountain in Colorado
Describe Your Style: I'm a huge fan of jumps, I love being able to soar through the air.
Goals and Plans: I want to compete in a couple local rail jams and film some street riding during this winter.
Hobbies: Skateboarding and trying new tricks on a trampoline

Chuck Braun
Warrington, U.S.A.
Date of Birth: 10/2/78
Nationality: Italian
Goggles: Snow Drift
Favorite Place to Ride: La Grave - La Meije, MonteRosa, MonteBianco and feel "Local" in Mucrone, my native mountain.
Describe Your Style: Live Deeply, Laugh Often and Never Stop Dreaming. I love skiing pillow and descending steep walls.
Goals and Plans: I want to feel free until the last breath, draw my lines in new slopes and improve my steep-skiing. Especially with good friends.
Hobbies: Mountain Biking, Climbing, Mountaineering and every outdoor activity.

Paola Ranghino
Skier and Telemarker
Biella, Italy
Date of Birth: 3/11/94
Nationality: German
Goggles: Timber
Favorite Place to Ride: Austria
Describe Your Style: I like to ski spontaneously and go with what I feel, which sometimes makes it hard to plan an entire slope-style run.
Goals and Plans: I want to keep progressing in my skiing abilities, and keep competing to see how far I can make it.
Hobbies: Biking, aggressive inline skating, long-boarding, and pretty much anything outdoors

Ludwig Buckley
Freestyle Skier
Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany