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Kaleidoscope Film ft. Kriss Kyle, BMX, Trampolines & More

This video has everything you could ever ask for and even things you probably didn’t ask for, like a small headache. Although in hindsight, a small headache is a tiny price to pay when your watching Kriss Kyle absolutely kill it in Red Bull’s new BMX edit. It’s named Kaleidoscope and its easy to see why.

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David Lama & First Ascent of Lebanon Sinkhole

The Baatara Gorge has never been climbed, until now. The Baatara Gorge is a natural sinkhole with a waterfall cascading down into it and is located in Lebanon. Lebanon is not a widely popular place for climbing, which makes it a great place for first ascents and part of the reason David Lama chose it.

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The Sound of Silence Tells More About Adventure Than Words

When was the last time you heard silence?

Nowadays, “getting lost” means going on a hike with your iPhone and taking an artsy picture to prove you got lost and then posting it somewhere with a caption about how lost you are. Ironically, getting lost has lost its meaning. We’ve got the world at our fingertips with the internet and social media but what is a world that is only defined by how connected you are to your devices. Pro surfers Bianca Buitendag and Lee-Ann Curren decided to rediscover what it truly means to get lost. In a completely not so typical surf edit, “The Sound of Silence” is a short film that shows exactly what it means to completely disconnect from the outside world and to lose yourself in the moment.

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Conservacion Patagonica Brings New Hope

The ultimate power couple of The North Face founder and former Patagonia CEO are currently buying off ranchers and farmers in Patagonia as a part of their mission to restore the area to its former glory. This billionaire couple, Doug and Kristine Tompkins, originally bought the Chacabuco Valley in 2004 and since then have bought neighboring Jeinimeni and Tamango national reserves. The ultimate goal is to create a 650,000-acre public access park, and by gaining national park status, they hope to protect the ecosystems and restore the grasslands that have been overgrazed for the past 100 years.

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Duchess Ride: Shattering Glass Ceilings & Shredding Nonstop

Duchess Ride is a non profit organization who’s number one mission is to empower young women through the participation in board sports. Their latest feat is riding 300 miles down the California coastline, from Santa Barbara to the Mexican border. It took them 15 days, averaging about 20-30 miles a day to raise money and awareness for their cause.

The company was started by a group of four women who all had a similar dream. That dream is to cultivate a world in which tenacious women challenge each other to accomplish their goals, shatter glass ceilings, shred hard, and seek progression in every aspect of their lives.

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Join the Fight & Help Keep Jumbo Wild

It’s been a long fight, but still the war wages with environmental activists and locals against developers. It’s been 24 years since the battle began and still, still plans to build the Jumbo Glacier Resort are continuing forward. This potential resort would be in the Jumbo Valley in the Purcell Mountains of British Columbia and would span over four glaciers, 6,000 hectares, and traditional Ktunaxa nation territory.

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Petra Zeiler & Environmentally Conscious Art

Illustrator and environmental enthusiast, Petra Zeiler is 21 years old, a Mountain Hardwear Athlete Ambassador, a graphic design intern at Teton Gravity Research, and still a student at Emily Carr University in BC. All of this and she still has the time to create beautiful illustrations that encourage a more environmentally conscious world. So basically, she’s really awesome.

Her beautiful, original, and creative pieces all mostly point to the same message: there is something wrong with the way we use and think about the environment. Petra’s enthusiasm for the outdoors and her love of the mountains has always been the inspiration behind her passion for art and conveying meaningful messages being them.

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Rome Snowboards Find Snowboarding… Everywhere & Anywhere

About a year ago, Rome Snowboards set out on a journey to find snowboarding in places you would least expect it. From Kazakhstan to the Aleutians to Norway to the French Alps, some of these places are hard to find and harder to reach. By car, by plane, by rail and by split boarding, these boarders searched high and low and certainly found snowboarding and lots of other fun stuff too.


Kazakhstan, a place people definitely wouldn’t expect to find snowboarders, and in fact it apparently took a lot of convincing to the Kazakh Consulate to convince them that there were only there to snowboard. It was a rail mission that was accomplished but not without a few hiccups along the way. With a broken arm (that only cost $25 to x-ray and cast) and a van named Rick, the crew definitely made the most of their time in Kazakhstan.

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50 Years of Going Beyond at Whistler Backcomb = 30 Minutes of Awesomeness

In honor of Whistler Blackcomb’s 50 Year Anniversary, they decided to release a film that accurately depicted the full magnitude of what had occurred at Whistler in 5 decades. Starting from the beginning in 1965 till now, it shows the struggle to even get it up and running for the hopes of hosting the olympics and then the progression to the iconic resort it is today. Anyone that’s visited can attest to the powerful impression it left on them.

Home to many Guinness World Records and huge contributions to the world of snowboarding and skiing, Whistler Blackcomb needed a film that would show it’s legacy and 50 Years of Going Beyond has done just that. No one thought that a dream of hosing the 1966 Olympics would come true and surely no one thought that 50 years later, it would be the largest ski resort in North America, but this is what Whistler Blackcomb is all about.

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The Inspire Initiative Presents The History of Women’s Surfing

“Not simply to inspire, but to initiate change.”

The History of Women’s Surfing project was created by the Inspire Initiative, a non-profit that uses surfing as a way to empower and inspire women of all ages, all around the world. They focus on creating leaders that will incite positive change in the world through topics such as education, intersectionality, gender equality, and media literacy. They aim to show that the potential surfing has is a “complicated force for the physical liberation of women all around the world.”

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